History of the Firm

 Adams and Wendt, Inc. was founded by managing partners and firm principals Mr. Kent Adams and Mr. Aaron Wendt in May 2004.  Adams and Wendt is a full service consulting firm specializing in environmental testing, health and safety, and environmental program management. With over 45 years of combined experience, Mr.Adams and Mr. Wendt have an extensive background in the environmental consulting industry. We have maintained a high standard of excellence that focuses on our Client’s needs. Our experience and understanding allow for a mutually rewarding relationship to meet our clients’ goals.

 Adams and Wendt have successfully completed hundreds of environmental consulting projects throughout the State of Arizona.  We have and continue to provide professional services to a wide range of public, private and commercial entities including city, county and state agencies; healthcare institutions; industrial facilities; insurance companies; contractors; school districts; and the real estate industry.

 Adams and Wendt’s staff is recognized as one of the most qualified and experienced local team of professionals in our industry.  As shown in our experience we have the technical expertise, project team, and local knowledge to assist in developing a common sense approach to complete projects on schedule and on budget.  Adams and Wendt is dedicated to developing innovative ideas to save time and money while maintaining the project objectives.

 Adams and Wendt are pleased to provide our client the best service possible.  What makes Adams and Wendt unique is our knowledge of environmental regulation health and safety and general construction. Our firm provides a full scope of environmental consulting and testing and health and safety compliance.  Adams and Wendt’s clients begin a relationship that will take them from conception to completion.

 With Adams and Wendt’s understanding of environmental challenges, health and safety concerns and the general construction processes, our clients can expect an increase in compliance and performance.  Adams and Wendt is dedicated to building valuable relationships for the future.