Testimonials from a few of our customers:

I want to thank the A&W staff for supporting this project with all its bumps and turns.  You guys have again found a way to meet our crazy tight schedules and it is greatly appreciated.


Jeff Leuthard

ADES Risk Management Consultant

ADES Asbestos Consultant




Adams and Wendt has two of the most experienced and trusted individuals in the consulting industry.


Bill Cavness


The Asbestos Institute




For the duration of my two years with Arizona State University, Adams and Wendt  has provided exceptional environmental services pertaining to lead, mold, and principally asbestos. The company’s project management, industry knowledge, and professional approach provide a seamless pathway for many successful and timely project conclusions. It is the company’s dedication to excellence that inspires my confidence in a continued relationship and service here at Arizona State University.


Gregory Wnenta

Arizona State University

Capital Programs Management Group

Specialist Senior, Asbestos Group